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Sports Massage

Therapeutic Sports Massage focuses on aiding the athlete in maintaining optimal health and wellness. Individualized sessions focus on the primary muscle groups that the professional, amateur and weekend athlete stress during competition and training. Maintenance Sports Massage facilitates increased range of motion, flexibility and ability for enhanced muscle strengthening and assists in preventing injuries. Remedial and Rehabilitative Sports Massage addresses the healing of soft tissue in the event of minor and major injuries. Therapists are available to provide short, concise warm up or cool down Event Sports Massage Sessions at the sport venue and to work with athletic teams on a regular basis.

Approaches that are incorporated in a Sports Massage session include: Deep Tissue Work, Orthopedic Massage, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release.

Orthopedic Deep Tissue Massage Orthopedic Sports Massage Orthopedic Deep Tissue Sports Massage

A specialty of Bridges To Health is functional assessment in conjunction with our Sports Massage program. Athletes are continually pushing the envelope of performance leading to various strains, sprains and other injuries. We provide orthopedic assessment in order to provide the appropriate techniques for the condition present. Deep tissue work along with myofascial release is often most effective in working with common soft tissue issues that the athlete faces.

A critical component of any training regimen is prevention of injuries. Working closely with a licensed massage therapist all athletes can add another line of defense against injury. Getting to know an athlete is the massage therapists strength. Being able to monitor muscles and tissue through regular palpation will allow the therapist to locate potential problem areas before they become significant. Dealing with a tight hamstring or low back prior to it becoming strained during activity will keep the athlete in the game and not on the bench.

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