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Cancer Support

Therapeutic Massage can provide needed support throughout the stages of cancer recovery. Massage prior to surgery focuses on preparing the tissue for the trauma of surgery. Post surgery, gentle soft tissue and energy work will aide in the mobilization of the tissue and stimulate the healing of the area. Eventual work to mobilize forming scar tissue ensures normal range of motion and healthy movement. Massage support during radiation and chemotherapy focuses on overall mind and body relaxation, stress and anxiety reduction and energy stimulation.

Approaches that are most appropriate in working with cancer patients include Myofascial Release, Medical Massage, Energy Work and Swedish Massage.

Cancer survivors like Bridget Erin Healy find comfort and support in Therapeutic Massage.

“The Massage Therapist was a huge part of my treatment team. She helped me through each stage of recovery and massage has become a part of my lifestyle now”,   B. Healy

Bridges To Health works with all cancer patients but have special expertise working with individuals combating breast cancer. We focus on a number of different areas. The first is therapeutic massage prior to surgery in an effort to prepare the tissue around the chest and arm for the trauma of surgery itself. We have found that this work facilitates better recovery of movement following surgery. Another stage of cancer support with massage involves working with the client as they receive chemotherapy and/or radiation. Therapeutic massage helps to lessen some of the negative side effects of these treatments. Therapeutic massage is used to support the cancer patient as they prepare for reconstructive surgery, again helping to prepare the tissue for this surgery. Finally massage following any of the cancer surgeries aids in improving mobility, decreasing scar tissue and pain.

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