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Chronic Pain Management Therapeutic Body Massage Therapist Chronic Pain Management Therapeutic Body Massage

Pain Management

Chronic Pain can be a debilitating condition affecting every aspect of ones life. Some ways that the body adapts to chronic pain is by increasing muscle tension, developing adhesions, altering breathing and sleep patterns. Muscle spasms lead to postural patterns that serve to reinforce the chronic pain and limit one’s ability to do even simple tasks.

Approaches often effective in reducing pain include: Myofascial release, Orthopedic Massage, Medical Massage and Deep Tissue Massage.

massage therapist massage therapy and bodywork professional massage therapy

Chronic pain often has a soft tissue connection involving muscles, fascia, tendon, ligaments and/or nerves. Therapeutic Massage aides in reducing pain by increasing circulation, relaxing tight muscles, breaking the pain - spasm - pain cycle, mobilizing scar tissue, and releasing adhesions. Calming the nervous system, and in some cases reducing compression on nerves significantly reduces chronic pain. As the effects of chronic pain are reduced breathing and sleep patterns return to a more normal level allowing the body to rest and recover and function more efficiently.

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